More squirrels

Not a 5 minute doodle this time, more of a painted sketch

Daily Doodles

I wanted to see what my daily doodles looked like side by side,  so here they are.

The finishing of a Dragon

That is it, finished!  Smaug is done.   He was almost done for too.  One swift wallop across the snout.  I don’t think our cat likes dragons.      

Spring walking

We have been out rambling through various favourite Nottinghamshire haunts over the last few days. Woodlands really start to come into their own at this time of year. The canopy has not yet filtered out all the light above and the floor of the forest throws out vegetative flowerings, that follow one upon the other….

Nearing completion

Smaug is almost finished.  All that needs to be done now:  claws and pads on the feet; finishing on the wires inside the wings; then the surface finish for the body.  Not much then .


I have a new respect for butterflies.  Emerging from chrysalids and pumping ichor through the veins; plumping up wings that have been crumpled up . Adding the wings to this dragon has caused me a number of headaches and presented problems that need to be solved. So having finished off wet felting a very fine felt,…


I first encountered this story through Alan Garner’s The Owl Service, as did many of us of a certain age. Over the years I have read several versions of Bloduedd’s story. Along with the legends of Merlyn and Nimue, Tristan and Iseult and other tales it has intrigued and beckoned. Exploring Bloduedd as an image…

Inspirations and how to cope with them

Having been invited to join in with the Puppet Challenge, I am rather embarrassed by the lack of work I have managed to produce so far.  I have worked mainly on 2d paper puppets that are animated using the stop motion method.  This has been frustrating and joyful in equal measure.  The painting of Bloduedd as an…

To add a frill of not?

The bulk of the base wool is now on the armature, from nose to tail. Now it is going to take a lot of stabbing, layering and stabbing again to get the surface finish I prefer. What I can’t decide is whether he needs a spinal frill or not? What do you think?

Four legs better

Needs a tail. It is only when you make an animal without one that you realise how essential a tail is for balance. Then I will begin to tackle the problem of the wings

How to pay attention and thereby avoid the Doldrums

It seems to have been so long since there has been enough free time to make anything lately that I have decided that I have been residing in the Doldrums People who don’t pay attention often get stuck in the Doldrums.” so said a Lethargian in the Phantom Tollbooth.  However it is not so much…