It has been a long hard year

Dreaming of the flowers that will come each spring.Mum died. She has left a bloody great hole and it has raw edges.

Bears, Black and Whites and Buxton

Welcome to Isla’s wonderful gallery. We have been lucky enough to have two walls at Isla’s lovely gallery in the Cavendish Arcade, Buxton.  This is the first time Tim and I have had a solo space of our own to fill.  The first pictures you will see are Tim’s wonderful black and white prints.  They…

Getting it wrong

My first version of the next part of the walk really didn’t work.  I can’t paint water particularly well as well as getting the horizon line too high.  So this got shelved and needed a lot of rethinking.  Anyway I am much happier with version two; now getting ready to follow the hunting owl.

Bears and more bears

I am beginning to think that there are bears lodged in my day dreams.  They seem to be a recurring theme in felt and paint at the moment.  The walk is still ongoing, though step five version one didn’t work so version two is on the board at the moment. I have taken a bit…

Secret – ish Squirrel

Interesting creatures, squirrels.  They finish off the food in the bird feeder; stuff nuts into the grass; play mission impossible across the garden; and – it turns out – are a bit of a swine to needle felt.  They have the most annoying head shape ever and very sticky out eyes.  He came out ok…

Bear hunt.

Not much writing, lots of painting.  I have really enjoyed these:  

Painterly Block

Suffering from serious self doubt. Writers always give the advice be a reader; that by reading you broaden the sense of what you want to write for yourself.  Painting can be derailed though when you start comparing your work with others.  Firstly there is the ‘it’s not good enough.’ feeling, which accompanies every piece.  There…