Calling All Teachers

Calling All Teachers. A reasoned and reasonable response to the wilful ignoring of unpalatable facts by our Department of Education.

Polar bear

this is an hours worth of working on the head to refine the features. Sometimes needle felting is a frustratingly slow process

On the desk right now

I have been working on a new polar bear for some months, needle felting a little bit here and there in my spare time.  He is based on Jackie Morris’ paintings in East of the Sun West of the Moon.  A retelling of one of my favourite stories from childhood.  This time I have a…

A story in the making.

This is a duplicate of the post on my blogspot  blog, I would welcome comments and ideas for improvements.   Come closer my dears, for the wind is stirring the sea tonight.  Listen; you can hear the whispering of the lost souls, all those whose lives have been eaten up by the greedy ocean.  Peep…