Sneak preview

He needs paws and legs and a brush , but hey we’ll get there

Taking the next step

The foxy faced gentleman on the workshop table has been causing a bit of a design headache.  Though I tried carving expanded foam, I found it far to unwieldy to make a successful body.  Also I need movement and balance. So back to the drawing board, so to speak.  I am not sure whether the…

Learning a new skill.

Having taken a plunge into the new and strange world of virtuality, I am learning how to manipulate a digital paint brush and pen. There is a deginite sense that I am improving. I have to say I still prefervthe connectedness of paper and paint. The visceral nature of that is part of the drawings…

Fox puppet update

Peter Slight’s challenge for the Artlog is still on the agenda.  As mentioned I changed tack and starting working a rod puppet. He is now starting to take on a personality:

Falling in love again

Two Moleskine watercolour pads, jealously hoarded! The chance to fall in love again with drawing and painting.  And yes these are repeats of images shown before but then when you fall in love all over again you don’t mind repeats.

Fantastic Mr Fox?

Blodeuwedd has rather got to a natural pausing point right now.  The limitations of the software and film available to me are such that I am really not happy with the finished look.  I learnt so much from doing it, not least of which was just how little I still know.   So whilst I…