Getting ready for an exhibition

We are taking part in Sherwood Art Week again next month.  Tim is framing up photographs and I am felting miniatures and framing up larger pictures ready to go.  It is a lot of fun making these.  But we could do with a decent workshop.  

Who needs the Royal Academy, we have Sherwood Art Week

The end of the week finale!  All this week, here in Sherwood, you have been able to see the range of talent available.  For several years the local shopkeepers have given over a space in the window to a local artist.  The resulting variety of work and high quality art is fantastic.  At the end…

Sherwood Art Week starts

There is some amazing work in the shops and some fantastic workshops at the Sherwood Festival. Next weekend there will be work on show in various venues and there will be a craft fair in the Secret Garden. So if you are in NG5 over the week or next week end come and have  look