Bears and more bears

I am beginning to think that there are bears lodged in my day dreams.  They seem to be a recurring theme in felt and paint at the moment.  The walk is still ongoing, though step five version one didn’t work so version two is on the board at the moment. I have taken a bit…

Painterly Block

Suffering from serious self doubt. Writers always give the advice be a reader; that by reading you broaden the sense of what you want to write for yourself.  Painting can be derailed though when you start comparing your work with others.  Firstly there is the ‘it’s not good enough.’ feeling, which accompanies every piece.  There…

The Crow Who Stole Daylight

The final picture has brewed for over a year, from the quick ink sketch to playing with Gouache.  There is also a short attempt at words to go with it.   With a flick of a wing feather, the raven threw the daylight up. He threw the all of it; the tightknit, rolled up, scrunched…

Trying to decide which way to go

Having finished this: he needs a background.  So after a trundle around the local park I have these as sources Now can’t decide which to use


Playing with pen, ink and watercolour.

Joining the company of wolves

They are very difficult to draw…are wolves.  Once you realise they have much longer legs to body things get a bit easier