Secret – ish Squirrel

Interesting creatures, squirrels.  They finish off the food in the bird feeder; stuff nuts into the grass; play mission impossible across the garden; and – it turns out – are a bit of a swine to needle felt.  They have the most annoying head shape ever and very sticky out eyes.  He came out ok…

A change is as good as a rest.

Things have been a bit chaotic over the last half term break.  We moved around between two rooms, which for various reasons improved spaces for all of us.  The result has been a semi dedicated studio space for me. The lighting in the room is not right yet, sadly this is room is on the…


I don’t often fiddle, preferring to restart projects.  This time I couldn’t face the time and work involved in restarting, not to mention the waste of materials.  So, out came the scalpel and I went in. First the beak was sliced out, then the eyes and finally a major hack (no precision incisions in this…

The Puppet Challenge: what happened after.

Having taken part in the Puppet Challenge, I think I always knew it was never going to end with just Reynard.  The fables have other characters; ones who turn up in stories from across the breadth of Europe, from France to Russia.   Alongside Chanticleer will be Isengrim the Wolf.  Although I am particularly looking forward…

The skeleton grows.

Needle felting is a slow process. However, the bones of Mr Fox are growing apace.

Fox puppet update

Peter Slight’s challenge for the Artlog is still on the agenda.  As mentioned I changed tack and starting working a rod puppet. He is now starting to take on a personality:

Fantastic Mr Fox?

Blodeuwedd has rather got to a natural pausing point right now.  The limitations of the software and film available to me are such that I am really not happy with the finished look.  I learnt so much from doing it, not least of which was just how little I still know.   So whilst I…

The finishing of a Dragon

That is it, finished!  Smaug is done.   He was almost done for too.  One swift wallop across the snout.  I don’t think our cat likes dragons.      

Nearing completion

Smaug is almost finished.  All that needs to be done now:  claws and pads on the feet; finishing on the wires inside the wings; then the surface finish for the body.  Not much then .

To add a frill of not?

The bulk of the base wool is now on the armature, from nose to tail. Now it is going to take a lot of stabbing, layering and stabbing again to get the surface finish I prefer. What I can’t decide is whether he needs a spinal frill or not? What do you think?

Four legs better

Needs a tail. It is only when you make an animal without one that you realise how essential a tail is for balance. Then I will begin to tackle the problem of the wings