Bears, Black and Whites and Buxton

Welcome to Isla’s wonderful gallery. We have been lucky enough to have two walls at Isla’s lovely gallery in the Cavendish Arcade, Buxton.  This is the first time Tim and I have had a solo space of our own to fill.  The first pictures you will see are Tim’s wonderful black and white prints.  They…

Secret – ish Squirrel

Interesting creatures, squirrels.  They finish off the food in the bird feeder; stuff nuts into the grass; play mission impossible across the garden; and – it turns out – are a bit of a swine to needle felt.  They have the most annoying head shape ever and very sticky out eyes.  He came out ok…

Source materials

Birds of all sorts are a bit of an artistic passion.  Then there are hawks. I have no facility to keep a hawk here in the city, no experience and not much in the way of knowledge; but  I have loved falconry ever since I was little. I have been lucky enough to go hunting…

Getting ready for an exhibition

We are taking part in Sherwood Art Week again next month.  Tim is framing up photographs and I am felting miniatures and framing up larger pictures ready to go.  It is a lot of fun making these.  But we could do with a decent workshop.  


Finally, the snow hare has found his pose.  It has been a series of trials to see how he would end up.

A change is as good as a rest.

Things have been a bit chaotic over the last half term break.  We moved around between two rooms, which for various reasons improved spaces for all of us.  The result has been a semi dedicated studio space for me. The lighting in the room is not right yet, sadly this is room is on the…

Trying to decide which way to go

Having finished this: he needs a background.  So after a trundle around the local park I have these as sources Now can’t decide which to use


I don’t often fiddle, preferring to restart projects.  This time I couldn’t face the time and work involved in restarting, not to mention the waste of materials.  So, out came the scalpel and I went in. First the beak was sliced out, then the eyes and finally a major hack (no precision incisions in this…

Work in progress.

Needle felting the head.  Not without trauma and a lot of eye surgery. Update to the side profile, with the neck bulked out a little

Building birds

Having a passion for birds can lead you into trouble.  It fosters grand ambitions. I do not live the right life for keeping the real thing; the next best thing has to be making and painting them. The corvid (should have been a raven but it clearly is a generic crow) took months and made…