Bears and more bears

I am beginning to think that there are bears lodged in my day dreams.  They seem to be a recurring theme in felt and paint at the moment.  The walk is still ongoing, though step five version one didn’t work so version two is on the board at the moment. I have taken a bit…

Bear hunt.

Not much writing, lots of painting.  I have really enjoyed these:  

Not much doodling going on

  Three weeks back into school and the pen gets a little slow.  There is only time for a few sketches and the odd pencil mark on this:

Falling in love again

Two Moleskine watercolour pads, jealously hoarded! The chance to fall in love again with drawing and painting.  And yes these are repeats of images shown before but then when you fall in love all over again you don’t mind repeats.

Bear in grass

The bear has had a lot of surface texture added, along with some free machine embroidery. Now onto the next part: tree trunks, flowers and final back lighting.

Bear Update

Have been playing around with the composition. One of the nicest aspects of felt is that you can cut bits off and move them around fairly successfully. I have been working the surface of the fur and the embroidered sections will make most of the texturing.