The story collectors

Playing with some ideas for a series of small drawings called the story collectors. It should fit with Hugin and Munin Advertisements


Finally, the snow hare has found his pose.  It has been a series of trials to see how he would end up.

A change is as good as a rest.

Things have been a bit chaotic over the last half term break.  We moved around between two rooms, which for various reasons improved spaces for all of us.  The result has been a semi dedicated studio space for me. The lighting in the room is not right yet, sadly this is room is on the…

Not much doodling going on

  Three weeks back into school and the pen gets a little slow.  There is only time for a few sketches and the odd pencil mark on this:

Hugin and Munin

It is a terrible photo, I know, but I am so pleased to have finished this.  Having loved every minute of drawing it, I am going to feel a little bereft now.

Thoughts and desire

It really helps to look at the drawing in a photograph.  It is like a form of proof editing. From feather to stone.