Source materials

Birds of all sorts are a bit of an artistic passion.  Then there are hawks. I have no facility to keep a hawk here in the city, no experience and not much in the way of knowledge; but  I have loved falconry ever since I was little. I have been lucky enough to go hunting…

Getting ready for an exhibition

We are taking part in Sherwood Art Week again next month.  Tim is framing up photographs and I am felting miniatures and framing up larger pictures ready to go.  It is a lot of fun making these.  But we could do with a decent workshop.  

The Crow Who Stole Daylight

The final picture has brewed for over a year, from the quick ink sketch to playing with Gouache.  There is also a short attempt at words to go with it.   With a flick of a wing feather, the raven threw the daylight up. He threw the all of it; the tightknit, rolled up, scrunched…

The story collectors

Playing with some ideas for a series of small drawings called the story collectors. It should fit with Hugin and Munin


Finally, the snow hare has found his pose.  It has been a series of trials to see how he would end up.