Bear hunt.

Not much writing, lots of painting.  I have really enjoyed these:  

Painterly Block

Suffering from serious self doubt. Writers always give the advice be a reader; that by reading you broaden the sense of what you want to write for yourself.  Painting can be derailed though when you start comparing your work with others.  Firstly there is the ‘it’s not good enough.’ feeling, which accompanies every piece.  There…

Source materials

Birds of all sorts are a bit of an artistic passion.  Then there are hawks. I have no facility to keep a hawk here in the city, no experience and not much in the way of knowledge; but  I have loved falconry ever since I was little. I have been lucky enough to go hunting…

The Crow Who Stole Daylight

The final picture has brewed for over a year, from the quick ink sketch to playing with Gouache.  There is also a short attempt at words to go with it.   With a flick of a wing feather, the raven threw the daylight up. He threw the all of it; the tightknit, rolled up, scrunched…

The story collectors

Playing with some ideas for a series of small drawings called the story collectors. It should fit with Hugin and Munin