Hills of Nottingham;  we are Tim (a photographer & potter) and Charlotte ( a painter & doll maker).  During the day we are teachers but in our creative lives we both create a range of art and objects that we sell through our etsy shop:


Here we will tell you a bit about the works in progress and let you know about new listings;  we will also be contactable here for custom work and commissions.  We hope you enjoy our art.


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  1. Winter Owls says:

    Hello Hills of Nottingham, I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award. If you wish to accept it the details are here: http://winterowls.com/2012/12/10/colour-me-happy/

    1. Thank you, my first ever award. I will endeavour to fulfill the requirements this evening.

  2. kestrelart says:

    HI Tim and Charlotte
    You just left a comment on my site and I followed you back here. I might have visited before but I don’t remember.
    I really enjoy your drawings. Am I right there are drawn from photos? I can only guess at this because they are so meticulous yet you have caught some great posture and action. I sympathise with your passion for corvids. I watch crows and magpies a lot yet don’t draw them much. Their behaviour is fascinating.
    I will carry on dropping by to look at new stuff.

    1. kestrelart says:

      Looking again at your headline illustration in pen and wash – is that direct from life? Its a lovely drawing.

      1. One is a photo and one is from a crow on next doors grass. I have to work from photo s as I have a very poor visual memory. But I am beginning to learn their forms well enough to draw using imagination. I wish I had more practise time but work interferes.

      2. kestrelart says:

        I share your struggle with visual memory and with lack of time for practice. Still, when I force myself to work from memory, it serves me better than I fear. I guess I have to do both, brief glimpses and visual memory for action, photos and close observation for anatomy.
        I am not presuming to judge you by the way (photos versus from life), I’m just interested in technique and I learn from others all the time.
        I think your drawings are beautiful and really capture the essence of these animals.

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