Painterly Block

Suffering from serious self doubt.

Writers always give the advice be a reader; that by reading you broaden the sense of what you want to write for yourself.  Painting can be derailed though when you start comparing your work with others.  Firstly there is the ‘it’s not good enough.’ feeling, which accompanies every piece.  There is the ‘my work is copying theirs, it’s not original’ feeling.  That one is a killer as influence is important, visual learning and acuity is essential but plagiarism is abhorrent.

I suspect that sketching, doodling and not overthinking is the key.



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  1. boabee1 says:

    Do you take part in the themed monthly Twitter challenges? This month is #drawingaugust and I think this might help.

    1. I don’t. Maybe it is about time I did.

  2. Mo Crow says:

    Here’s Brett Whiteley’s (Australian artist RIP) advice to the aspiring artist –
”aim at virtually whatever is in front of you… 
and then one day you’ll see something that you have truly never seen before 
and that is the beginning of yourself 
& that heralds the beginning of difficult pleasure.”
    (NB Difficult pleasure is how Brett described painting, or creating art: Art is an argument between what a thing looks like and what it means.)
These words have helped me find my way through the long dark nights many many times in the past 27 years!

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