A change is as good as a rest.

Things have been a bit chaotic over the last half term break.  We moved around between two rooms, which for various reasons improved spaces for all of us.  The result has been a semi dedicated studio space for me.


The lighting in the room is not right yet, sadly this is room is on the North facing side of the house so gets rather poor natural light.  But I love having my own space.  The other half is getting it together in his new room, including being able to listen to his vinyl collection properly for the first time in years.

I do share the room with the little’uns.  They have a gaming section (I am mother to sometime virtual kids).  Oddly enough this sharing has opened up opportunities for us to engage together in ways I didn’t quite expect.  It is actually really nice having company, although I am less keen on the accompanying computerised noise (not that they like my music much either).

I have been getting comfortable and sorting out my paper, paint and wool stashes so that access is easy.


Lots of new practise creature making has been going on (sorry for the rubbish pictures but the lighting is really poor in this part of the room.

20151107_105409 20151107_105420 20151107_105425

The space that I now have has inspired me to get going again, though there is a half finished peregrine looking rather reproachful on top of the cupboard.



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