Fantastic Mr Fox?

Blodeuwedd has rather got to a natural pausing point right now.  The limitations of the software and film available to me are such that I am really not happy with the finished look.  I learnt so much from doing it, not least of which was just how little I still know.


So whilst I rethink how to create my owl woman I canvassed for ideas.  The one that won out, courtesy of Em and Amelia (my husband’s god-daughter and best friend).  And so Mr Fox was born. to start with I was seeing the Old English wife killer Mr Fox rather than Dahl’s creation.P1040205  But as the pen came into contact with the paper he has rather taken on a life of his own.

Leather coated and neckerchief-ed, with hooded eyes and a watchful gaze I want him to have cunning and wariness.

The movements will be through rods, I am not proficient enough a builder for marionettes as I tend to get the balance wrong.  Head with rod positionHe will be needle felted, which has the advantage of being light weight.  This is easier on the hands when manipulating the puppet.  I have found that my Baba Yaga puppet is manageable for both adult story telling and also for children to handle.

Alpaca and merino
Alpaca and merino


I have ideas for how the rod will be anchored now, so just need the dowel and handle to construct the head.  Then I will be working on creating and sewing clothing…a whole new learning curve.


Since the first post this morning, Mr Fox has developed his sense of smell


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