How to pay attention and thereby avoid the Doldrums

It seems to have been so long since there has been enough free time to make anything lately that I have decided that I have been residing in the Doldrums

People who don’t pay attention often get stuck in the Doldrums.” so said a Lethargian in the Phantom Tollbooth.  However it is not so much not paying attention, as attending to something that is overwhelming.  With an end of term holiday beckoning I am beginning to pay attention again.  Attention is diverted to some more enjoyable activities and I have had a splurge of needle felting.

One of the pleasures that comes with a niche craft is that it resides in a rather small world.  The artists who ply their craft are a generous bunch and they are hands on and approachable.  What is more, needle felting is becoming more and more popular, and that popularity is leading to interest from publishing.  So from Mollie Makes to books there is a lot of help and support out there now.

A new source of advice and needle felt inspiration has come in the form of Gretel Parker’s new book: Little Needle Felt Animals.  It is full of patterns to follow and advice to improve your techniques for finishing and embellishing work.  It is also responsible for my renewed sense of enthusiasm and attention being returned to my wool basket.

Based on Gretel's pattern
Based on Gretel’s pattern

First was a go at one of the patterns, though I tweaked as I can’t help myself.  I have learned so much from making this; the finishing techniques and shaping have been invaluable.  So with that in mind I have returned to Smaug and begun to apply some of Gretel’s advice.  He is now moving on apace.

I seem to be quite tidy right now
I seem to be quite tidy right now


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