For Gretel

If you ever visit my other Blog you will know that the arts and craft people I know are rallying to support Gretel Parker:

Funds for Gretel

Donna’s blog explains the whys and wherefore’s.  For anyone touched by such a tragedy it is hard enough to come to terms with the grief.  We are trying to alleviate the additional problems and ease things just a little.


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  1. I’ve only just caught up with this, and I’m terribly moved by reading Gretel’s words. This has been a terrible time for her. I’m heartened by the responses of so many well-wishers from the craft community who have stepped forward to support her.

    1. It is so heart breaking. It also was very close to home, as I have some experience of what she is going through. Like you say, it is inspiring to see how the community of artists has supported one of our own. It reminds us all we share so much and need each other.

      1. Suicide is a terrible thing to deal with for those affected by the fallout. There was one in my family that had endless and distressing repercussions, and so like you I’ve seen first hand the impact it can have. But Gretel has so eloquently written of her experiences at her blog that I’m quite sure she has the strength and creativity to see her through it.

        I’ve made a donation at the site, but do you know if it’s too late to contribute something to the ‘raffle’. I could offer a pair of the ‘All the pretty little horses’ enamel plates.

  2. Not to worry. I’ve found Donna’s e-mail address. I’ll contact her.

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