Honeypaws: or what went on my first coffee pot

This is the first of the coffee / chocolate pot sets.  The idea is to have matching mugs.  Honeypaws is the Finnish name for the bear.


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  1. Oh, this service is just GREAT. I think you’ve spawned a possible future Artlog exhibition, if others could be persuaded to join in. LOVE the subject, the whimsicality and the simple yet characterful design. Fantastic work. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you. I have a set of jewelry (bought by the other half, for anniversaries) that are from Kalevala Koru. The set is of Kalevala bears; they have inspired much art and I rather like the spirit totem aspect that bears have in Finnish traditions. I can feel hares, foxes and elk all lining up for there own sets now.

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