Yesterday we took the boys to see The Tales of the Night, Michel Ocelot at our excellent local Indie Cinema.   (Click on the picture and you will see what a great place it is).

The boys loved the stories and the way it was animated caught their imaginations.  Me, I was entranced. 

Tales of the Night (2D)

As a long time admirer of silhouette artists and film makers this was just perfect for me, a visual feast.  Much of the film I was watching and trying to work out how the animations had been developed and managed.

First trick table

 I do this too, with Lotte Reiniger, wondering how I could replicate and manage to animate in the same way.  I also love the work of Jan Pienkowski, with the delicacy of the blackouts married with the kaleidoscope of colour.

Kingdom Under the Sea cover

I now rather like the idea of having a go myself.  

Each picture is linked to it’s parent website so that you can explore further the subjects.


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