It has been a v…

It has been a very busy month, what with SATs and school trips (both our boys and our own) taking over our lives.  We have not really been able to show much activity elsewhere.  

However, things are about to change!  This year Tim and I are having our first go at being part of Sherwood Art Week.

Tim will have pot and photographs displayed in our local craft jewellers and AJ Allen Opticians; I will have some creatures in A Room Full of Butterflies, our local craft and art gallery/shop.   We will also have displays at St John’s Church Hall.  

If you are in Sherwood over the weekend do try to come along, there will be work from some of the most amazing local artists.  The Secret Garden Craft fair will be on again, this is just the most delightful garden at the back of our local Methodist church.


Here is a bit of a sneek preview.



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  1. ruthkeys says:

    It sounds very exciting. I wish I lived nearer! Good luck and I hope you all enjoy it.

    1. Thanks, I will post pictures of the week.

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