Proud, in the best way possible

Having recently joined Etsy (after trying to sell some things years ago) I was a little apprehensive.  In previous years I found it hard (as a Brit) to get myself marketed.  The UK street team were all professional artists and I was a rank amateur.  I always felt intimidated next to the quality of their work.

However over the years Etsy has grown.  Over the years I have grown as an artist; being far more confident in the quality of my work and the understanding of my chosen craft.  This time round I have joined three teams.  Please can I encourage you all to look at the awesome work and fabulous shops run by some of my fellow artists and craftspeople.

First up is the British Sellers team.  They are supportive, welcoming and promote a range of fabulous work.  Our team has a wide range of members so I have linked you to the members page, just click on the tag badge. Please support these people, they are hardworking and innovative, by buying from them you will get quality; the items you buy will not be bashed out on production lines but lovingly designed and made to be unique.


The next of my teams is the Lincolnshire and East Midland Team.

These are my local colleagues and it is a nice snug group for those of us in the local area.  It is nice to know there is someone up the road producing fabulous work.


Finally, there is the

Necessity by Day, Etsy by Night

This is a small supportive team, who all need (or want) to keep on a day job.  All of whom have a talent to promote and things to sell.


Visit the marketplaces and have a look, take a stroll and browse around our virtual streets.  Stop for a chat and find out more about the work.  You will find unique gifts, desirable objects and much beauty.You never know you may even make some new online friends.


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